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Naomi Sims

Naomi Sims Collections

1973 - 1985

Personal Care & Home Products

1970 b. 1949
BirthplaceMississippi (MS)
RaceBlack or African American
Era - 1970

After as short, distinguished career in modeling, Sims decided to pursue her real dreams of being an entrepreneur. An outgrowth of her modeling experiences, Naomi devoted her efforts to manufacturing “realistic” wigs for black women. Though her products met with resistance at department stores, sales soon took off and reached a level of $5 million in the first year. A few years later, Sims branched out into the cosmetics industry, creating a product line specifically for black women that was also a huge success. She was credited with not only having opened the door for black models in her early career, but also opening the doors for black business women.