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Max (Francis) Factor, Jr.

Max Factor Company

1938 - 1973

Personal Care & Home Products

1930 b. 1904
Born-Died1904 - 1996
BirthplaceMissouri (MO)
FatherHead, Same Company
Era - 1930

Taking over the family company after the death of his father in 1938, Factor is regarded as a pioneer in the cosmetics and makeup business. He transformed the company from a Hollywood makeup studio into a worldwide provider of name brand cosmetics, bringing the makeup of the “stars” to the main streets of America and beyond. Under his leadership, he introduced Tru-Color Lipstick in 1940, Color Fast Lipstick in 1954, camouflage makeup for the Marine Corps in 1946, and waterproof makeup in 1971. For decades, his products outsold 65 brands from a diverse array of competitors.