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Marcus Loew


1906 - 1927

Entertainment & Broadcast Media

1900 b. 1870
Born-Died1870 - 1927
BirthplaceNew York (NY)
FatherLaborer, Un-/Semi-skilled
Era - 1900

Loew, a pioneer in the development of nickelodeons (by 1919, he owned 100 with assets of $25 million), built a vertically integrated movie production operation. He created Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) as a Loew’s subsidiary in 1924, which became one of the “Big Five” in the movie industry. With its Hollywood production facilities and nationwide chain of Loew’s theaters, MGM controlled its movies throughout their entire life cycle. He was one of the first producers to recognize the power of movie stars, and he promoted stars heavily.