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Lew R. Wasserman

Music Corporation of America

1946 - 1994

Entertainment & Broadcast Media

1940 b. 1913
Born-Died1913 - 2002
BirthplaceOhio (OH)
FatherDeceased / Absent
Era - 1940

When Wasserman joined MCA, it was a talent agency, and he rose to the rank of president by attracting and being a strong advocate for a growing list of clients. Seeing the potential of the television industry, however, Wasserman set MCA on a path of expansion that included not only providing actors, directors and other staff for television programming, but also creating and producing much of the programming itself. MCA went on to buy the Universal City studio and production lot, and also invested in some tourism enterprises. The company became so successful in the TV industry that it was later forced to divest itself of its core agency business.