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John T. Dorrance

Campbell Soup Company

1914 - 1930

Food & Tobacco

1910 b. 1873
UndergraduateMassachusetts Institute of Technology
GraduatePhD, University of Goettingen
Born-Died1873 - 1930
BirthplacePennsylvania (PA)
FatherOwner, Small Business
Era - 1910

In 1899, Dorrance invented the process for making condensed soup, reducing canning and shipping costs by two-thirds. As a result of Dorrance’s invention, Campbell Soup became the first soup company to achieve national distribution. Within five years, Campbell’s Soup was selling 16 million cans of soup a year. Dorrance was named president and general manager of Campbell Soup in 1914, and purchased the company’s first subsidiary, Franco-American Food Company, the following year.