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John R. Kimberly

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

1953 - 1967

Wood, Paper & Forestry

1950 b. 1903
UndergraduateMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Born-Died1903 - 1992
BirthplaceWisconsin (WI)
Era - 1950

After a short political career, Kimberly rejoined the family business as a sales executive and helped grow revenues to $153 million by 1952. His best work, however, came during his tenure as CEO, when he encouraged a wealth of expansion and research that helped revolutionize the paper industry. During this time, Kimberly-Clark became a leading developer of such products as disposable clothing, bedding and cleaning products. By the end of Kimberly’s tenure, the firm had over 80 plants in 28 different countries, and earned revenues of over $700 million.