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James R. Moffett


1984 - 2003

Agriculture & Mining

Military ServiceArmy
1980 b. 1938
UndergraduateUniversity of Texas
GraduateMS, Tulane University
BirthplaceLouisiana (LA)
FatherLaborer, Un-/Semi-skilled
Era - 1980

In 1981, Moffett orchestrated one of the largest and most profitable mergers in Wall Street history – the merger of his oil exploration company, McMoRan Oil and Gas Company, with Freeport Minerals Corporation – creating a $4 billion enterprise. A geologist by training, Moffett was instrumental in the discovery and exploration of natural resource deposits around the world, especially the Grasberg gold mine in Papua, Indonesia. As CEO, Moffett oversaw a massive growth plan for the combined entities and expanded the firm’s mining portfolio while successfully weathering a number of legal and environmental challenges.