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James E. Davis

Winn-Dixie Stores

1946 - 1983


Military ServiceArmy
1940 b. 1907
Born-Died1907 - 1993
BirthplaceArkansas (AR)
FatherOwner, Small Business
Era - 1940

At a young age, Davis and his 3 brothers helped their father open the family’s first store in Miami, FL. As the brothers grew older, they increased the number of family owned stores to 34, and eventually acquired the Winn & Lovett chain, which added 78 stores. As the financial brains behind the family enterprise, Davis was a major architect of the acquisitions, and of the company’s profitability in general. The work of Davis and his brothers created the largest grocery store chain in the South and the 5th largest in the nation, with revenues of $10.8 billion.