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Irving S. Shapiro

DuPont Corporation

1974 - 1981

Chemicals & Industrial

1970 b. 1916
UndergraduateUniversity of Minnesota
GraduateJD, University of Minnesota
Born-Died1916 - 2001
BirthplaceMinnesota (MN)
FatherLaborer, Skilled
Era - 1970

Initially making a name for himself in politics, Shapiro joined duPont in 1951 as a lawyer, handling some of its most important acquisitions and antitrust cases. His negotiating skills, coupled with his extensive political connections, later earned him the title of chairman and CEO. In that position, Shapiro shepherded duPont through the energy crisis of the 1970s, forcing the company to engage in more production of raw chemicals. During his tenure, duPontís revenues grew from $5 billion in 1973 to $13.7 billion in 1980.