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Ira C. Copley

Western Utility Corporation

1905 - 1926

Utilities & Energy

Military ServiceNational Guard
1900 b. 1864
UndergraduateYale University
GraduateJD, Union College, Chicago
Born-Died1864 - 1947
BirthplaceIllinois (IL)
FatherExecutive, Low-/Mid-Level
Era - 1900

Copley revived his fatherís utility corporation by marketing gas as a fuel instead of an illuminant. Copley went on to acquire other utility companies, which he merged in 1905 to form Western United Gas and Electric Company, later renamed Western Utility Corporation, of which he was president. Copley continued to acquire additional gas and electric companies, as well as streetcar lines after the merger. In 1914, Copley diversified and began to market coke and coal along with utilities.