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Herman G. Fisher

Fisher-Price Toy Company

1930 - 1966

Fabricated Goods

1930 b. 1898
UndergraduatePennsylvania State University
Born-Died1898 - 1975
BirthplacePennsylvania (PA)
Era - 1930

In 1938, Fisher introduced a new toy named “Snoopy Sniffer,” which was an instant hit with the public. By the end of the 1930s, Fisher-Price, the first toy company licensed to make Disney toys, was producing over 2 million action toys a year for annual sales of $1.6 million. With the rise of America’s suburban make-up after World War II, and Fisher’s ability to capture this market through discount mass marketing, revenues at Fisher-Price grew sharply reaching over $26 million in 1966.