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Henry E. Singleton


1960 - 1986

Fabricated Goods

Military ServiceNavy
1960 b. 1916
UndergraduateMassachusetts Institute of Technology
GraduateMS & PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Born-Died1916 - 1999
BirthplaceTexas (TX)
FatherFarmer / Rancher
Era - 1960

A trained electrical engineer, Singletonís first venture at Teledyne was to create semiconductors, a product that his previous employer, Litton Industries refused to produce, even at Singletonís behest. After only a few years in operation, Singleton began acquiring other companies in the field, allowing Teledyne to have sales of $10.5 million in 1962, just two years after the firmís creation. Singletonís penchant for acquisitions led Teledyne to become a $3 billion conglomerate in 1981, with major interests in almost every field of electronics.