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Harold L. Stuart

Halsey, Stuart and Company

1911 - 1966


Military ServiceArmy
1910 b. 1881
Born-Died1881 - 1966
BirthplaceRhode Island (RI)
FatherExecutive, High-Level
Era - 1910

Following its spin off from N. W. Halsey, Stuart continued his Chicago-based firmís strong presence in bond issuance, helping raise funds for many industrial conglomerates that, until that time, had always gone to New York for financing. Though the firm suffered because of poor business dealings with utility mogul Sam Insull, Stuartís resilience and support of the competitive bidding movement allowed Halsey, Stuart to regain its previous position of prestige. The firm sponsored $723 million in new issues in 1950, the most of any firm in that year, including all of the New York houses.