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George S. Lannom, Jr.

Lannom Manufacturing Company

1912 - 1952

Fabricated Goods

1910 b. 1885
Born-Died1885 - 1953
BirthplaceTennessee (TN)
FatherWhite Collar Worker
Era - 1910

Though he began his business as a tannery for the production of saddles and other equine equipment, Lannom was forced to diversify when the automobile gained popularity. To save his business, Lannom turned to the manufacture of baseballs just as the sport began to gain widespread appeal. Lannom produced baseballs and other sporting goods under the Worth label and by the mid-fifties his operation was producing 12,000 baseballs and softballs each day. In addition, Lannom purchased a leather glove company and produced baseball gloves under the Craig label.