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Frank J. Fahey

Gillette Company

1913 - 1931

Personal Care & Home Products

1910 b. 1874
Born-Died1874 - 1945
BirthplaceMaryland (MD)
FatherWhite Collar Worker
Era - 1910

Fahey created a sales organization to distribute Gillette products throughout the world. By 1917, Fahey was producing 1 million razors per year compared to just 91,000 in 1904, and had established factories in England, France, Germany and Canada. Fahey created the “Service Set” shaving kit marketing campaign, in which he provided 3.5 million razors and 36 million blades for servicemen departing for World War I. Fahey also led the “Shave and Save” marketing campaign, where banks across the U.S. gave away Gillette razors to every new depositor.