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Erwin C. Uihlein

Schlitz Brewing Company

1933 - 1961

Food & Tobacco

1930 b. 1886
UndergraduateWahl Henius Brewer's Institute
GraduateLLB, Cornell University
Born-Died1886 - 1968
BirthplaceWisconsin (WI)
FatherHead, Same Company
Era - 1930

Though the company was not producing during Prohibition, Uihlein revived it in 1933 and began a huge wave of modernization and expansion. Spending over $100 million to build new facilities and purchase equipment, he increased the company’s assets from $4 million to around $164 million during his tenure, all done without any debt financing. Because of Uihlein’s success, Schlitz was the United States’ second largest producer of beer in the 1950s and 1960s.