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Daniel F. Gerber, Jr.

Gerber Products Company

1945 - 1974

Food & Tobacco

Military ServiceArmy
1940 b. 1898
Born-Died1898 - 1974
BirthplaceMichigan (MI)
FatherHead, Same Company
Era - 1940

Gerber took over his father’s small canning business in 1917 and refashioned it into a leading producer of baby food products. When Gerber introduced strained baby food in 1928, the market was virtually untapped. At the time, baby food was available by prescription at 35 cents a can. Gerber decided to advertise his product for 15 cents a can to build a vibrant wholesale business. The now famous “Gerber baby symbol” was introduced to build brand identity and reassure skeptical consumers. Though it took ten years to build a wholesale distribution channel, Gerber became the market leader.