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D. Wayne Calloway


1986 - 1996

Food & Tobacco

Military ServiceArmy
1980 b. 1935
UndergraduateWake Forest University
Born-Died1935 - 1998
BirthplaceNorth Carolina (NC)
FatherOwner, Small Business
Era - 1980

Calloway is credited with streamlining PepsiCo’s organization, empowering its employees at all levels, and generating substantial growth. Under his leadership, Calloway organized PepsiCo into three major business units: soft drinks, snack foods, and fast food restaurant operations. By divesting of non-core businesses and encouraging risk-taking throughout the organization, Calloway posted phenomenal growth figures. He generated a fourfold increase in revenues from $8 billion to $32 billion and grew PepsiCo’s market capitalization from $7 billion to $46 billion.