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Charles Erwin Wilson

General Motors Corporation

1941 - 1953

Automotive & Aerospace

1940 b. 1890
UndergraduateCarnegie Institute of Technology
Born-Died1890 - 1961
BirthplaceOhio (OH)
FatherNon-Profit / Other
Era - 1940

Despite his reluctance to produce military goods, Wilson was nonetheless an excellent manager during World War II and helped his company garner over $14 billion worth of military contracts. In the post war era, Wilsonís success continued as he returned the company to peacetime auto production to accommodate the growing demand for automobiles. His most notable accomplishments, however, were his achievements in labor relations, including his creation of an inflation-indexed wage and a uniform pension plan for all workers. Wilsonís labor policies ultimately became the standard for the entire auto industry.