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Charles A. Cannon

Cannon Mills Company

1921 - 1971

Fabric & Apparel

1920 b. 1892
Born-Died1892 - 1971
BirthplaceNorth Carolina (NC)
FatherHead, Same Company
Era - 1920

Cannon pioneered a number of industry advances in cloth towel manufacturing including national consumer advertising, the Cannon trademark sewn into each towel, pastel colors, the wrapping of products in clear plastic, style shows, and matching towel ensembles. Cannon also extended the company’s line to include sheets, hosiery, bedspreads, draperies, decorative fabrics, and blankets. In 1970, the company’s income was $305 million, and upon his death in 1971, Cannon had 17 plants and 24,000 workers.