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Camille Dreyfus

Celanese Corporation of America

1918 - 1945

Chemicals & Industrial

1910 b. 1878
UndergraduateUniversity of Basel
GraduateMA, University of Basel & Ph.D., University of Basel
Born-Died1878 - 1956
FatherExecutive, Low-/Mid-Level
Era - 1910

Celanese Corporation showed a profit every year after 1925 with its breakthrough year coming in 1939. The company grew by 700% from 1929-1939. By 1940, Dreyfus held 233 patents in the U.S., most of which were concerned with the production of celluloid acetate, and employed 12,000 people. In addition to acetic acid and acetic anhydride for production of cellulose acetate, Dreyfus produced formaldehyde, methanol, and trioxane.