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Arthur C. Dorrance

Campbell Soup Company

1930 - 1946

Food & Tobacco

Military ServiceArmy
1930 b. 1893
UndergraduateMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Born-Died1893 - 1946
BirthplacePennsylvania (PA)
FatherOwner, Small Business
Era - 1930

In 1931, Dorrance began radio advertising, sponsoring famous radio programs like the George Burns & Gracie Allen Show and the Campbell Playhouse. Dorrance introduced Cream of Mushroom Soup in 1934, and in the same year renamed “Chicken with Noodles” soup “Chicken Noodle” soup, which became a phenomenal success. The Campbell Test Kitchen opened in 1940, and under Dorrance’s leadership, Campbell home economists developed recipes using condensed soups, many of which have become classics.