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Anthony Overton

Hygienic Manufacturing Company

1898 - 1946

Personal Care & Home Products

pre-1900 b. 1865
UndergraduateWashburn College
GraduateJD, University of Kansas
Born-Died1865 - 1946
BirthplaceLouisiana (LA)
RaceBlack or African American
Era - pre-1900

A pioneer black manufacturer, Overton established Hygienic in 1898 and produced baking powder, extracts, and toilet preparations. After moving the firm from Kansas to Chicago, he began to manufacture a full line of cosmetics and perfumes under the High-Brown Products label. He parlayed his early success with Hygienic into a highly diverse conglomerate, including The Great Northern Realty Company, The Chicago Bee, and the Victory Life Insurance Company. This was the first major conglomerate led by an African-American.