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Alfred N. Steele


1950 - 1959

Food & Tobacco

1950 b. 1901
UndergraduateNorthwestern University
Born-Died1901 - 1959
BirthplaceTennessee (TN)
FatherWhite Collar Worker
Era - 1950

Arriving at Pepsi after defecting from an alienating position at Coca-Cola, Steele immediately began a highly involved rehabilitation process at the battered soft drink maker. Steele installed a more autonomous management structure, instituted an extensive advertising campaign that helped Pepsi grow out of its “poor man’s cola” image, and created a vending machine business for Pepsi. All of these changes allowed Pepsi to gain a great deal of market share, predominantly at the expense of Coca-Cola, and grow income from $1.6 million in 1950 to $11.5 million in 1958.