Imagining the Future of LeadershipJune 10 & 11, 2010

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The current economic crisis has unleashed calls for all manner of change from how we regulate our financial system to how we regulate our personal behavior. This chorus for change has included calls for a new model (or models) of leadership. Many observers have argued that the current crisis represents as much a failure of leadership as some of our more familiar institutions (e.g. banking, federal oversight, business education) that have recently come under attack. To build a better future, they argue, we will need to consider radically different kinds of leadership.

The purpose of our third leadership colloquium following, Leadership: Advancing an Intellectual Discipline in 2008 and How Can Leadership Be Taught in 2009 was to consider the future of leadership. Within the scope of this event, which included a 6-week blog series , we considered these calls for a new leadership, fundamental conceptions of leadership; ideal representations of leaders; contexts of culture and values; and implications for leadership development.

Questions considered in the blog and at the conference: Is the context for leadership indeed changing in some fundamental way? If so, what will be the same and what will be different? Is it or should it be radically different from our current conceptions of leadership? Or, should we be careful to not get too caught up in the call for change, and hold steadfast to some of the core ideas of leading that have served us well in the past?