We support a living and evolving research agenda that encompasses a broad portfolio of activities and subjects-an agenda set through periodic consultations with members of our community, practitioners, and other academic colleagues. To achieve this goal, the Leadership Initiative hosts two to three conferences each year.

Values and Leadership Education June 9-10, 2011 The 4th Annual Colloquium on Values and Leadership Education

By bringing together a unique group of educators in leadership, we hope to assemble a meaningful teaching agenda for values education. Our goal is to produce a publish-ready collection of thoughtful course modules for use in leadership education, which reflect the best practices in teaching values.

Alternative Business Models for Professional Service Firms Colloquium February 11-12, 2009

This highly interactive program is designed to leverage and build on insights and knowledge generated across the two days of the symposium. The colloquium will include plenary sessions and discussion groups to provide practical insights and to help define a research agenda.

How Can Leadership Be Taught June 9-10, 2009 The 2nd Annual Colloquium on Advancing the Intellectual Discipline of Leadership

With these annual colloquia we are seeking to place the science of leadership on solid academic footing. Our focus for this year's event is to begin to build an understanding of how leadership can best be taught and we have crafted an exceptional, interactive program that will allow participants to share and demonstrate how they teach leadership.

Leadership: Advancing an Intellectual Discipline June 10-11, 2008A Harvard Business School Centennial Event

This exceptional gathering of scholars and practitioners collectively defined and furthered the understanding of leadership. The aim of the conference was to blend the highest standards of inquiry with pragmatism and adventurousness in a creative teaching and learning environment.