Leaders have always faced the job of inspiring others while making important decisions with incomplete information. Today's leaders are confronted with challenges and opportunities that have never been more dynamic or complex. Helping individuals effectively understand and manage these forces is a key responsibility of HBS and the Leadership Initiative.

Leadership Initiative

We undertake cutting-edge research and course development projects about leadership and leadership development, both within Harvard Business School and through collaborations with other organizations.

We foster a global conversation that addresses the challenges of leadership in context—across time and location.

We encourage interdisciplinary exchange in order to bridge the gap between scholarship and practice.

The MBA Experience

MBA students benefit directly from the work of the Leadership Initiative across their two years at HBS.


The 20th Century

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New & Noteworthy
New Book
Collective Genius

by Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, and Kent Lineback wins first Warren Benis Prize for the HBR article, "Collective Genius" and the book was awarded a Gold medal at the 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards. >More

Linda Hill - TED Talk

Innovation and the Myth of the ‘Aha!’ Moment
Re: Linda Hill - March 18, 2015
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Are you a high potential?
By Linda Hill
Livemint - March 17, 2015

Successful Business Leaders Must Cultivate Empathy: Anthony Mayo, HBS
Re: Anthony Mayo
By TV Mahalingam, Economic Times - Feb 6, 2015

Successful Innovation Leaders 'Make Their Organizations Ready And Willing To Perform'
Re: Linda Hill on Collective Genius in Forbes by Roger Trapp

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Podcast: Collective Genius by Linda Hill

Professor Linda Hill believes innovation cannot be compelled or commanded. It can only be allowed. Listen to Brian Kenny interview Linda Hill here.

HBS Working Knowledge

Leading Innovation is the Art of Creating 'Collective Genius' by Kim Girard

TVHBR - Harvard Business Review Brazil

Interview with Tony Mayo, Thomas S. Murphy Senior Lecturer of Business Administration and Director, Leadership Initiative.


Dean Nitin Nohria and Professors Ranjay Gulati and Anthony J. Mayo co-authored the text, Management.

The book is available through Cengage Learning.