Use the Tools

Use the Tools

Write your playbook

With a strong foundation of strategy, leadership, and investment, you can begin to write a plan that will help you reach your cure.

Below are the tools you need to take on these steps. You’ll also find examples of how an organization (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, or MMRF) used the tools to write their own playbook and reach a cure.

There are six steps to writing this playbook:

1. Assess your readiness

2. Develop the landscape

3. Interview the key opinion leaders

4. Write the strategic plan

5. Write the operational plan

6. Continually communicate

Why writing a strategic plan is the most important step.

The best way to approach strategic planning is by example.

We thank the MMRF for sharing their most recent process and deliverables with the cure-seeking community.

While every organization will have its own set of circumstances, by following these steps and aiming for this quality of deliverables you can place yourself on the right path.

This is a cumulative process where each step builds on the previous one in sequential order.

Steps to develop successful strategy


Assess your readiness


Develop the landscape


Interview the key opinion leaders

Steps 1-3 require tremendous research, thinking, and conversation.

These steps identify your hypotheses and what sets you apart from others in the space.


Write the strategic plan


Write the operational plan


Continually communicate

Steps 4-6 require clearly communicating your plan to move forward.

Everyone involved should know the organization’s priorities and timing.

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