The MBA Experience

Nisha Bhalla, MBA 2012

New York, NY

Healthcare Delivery

Industry Interest
Healthcare Delivery

What made you decide to focus on healthcare while pursuing your MBA?

Prior to HBS, I worked for an academic teaching hospital in New York City and really enjoyed the mission driven work of providing the best patient care possible. In my role at the hospital, I found that I could leverage my analytical experience from my previous position as an investment banker to assist the hospital by controlling, and often time reducing costs without sacrificing the clinical mission. I pursued an MBA with a focus on healthcare because I believe that in the future, hospitals will need to have a stronger focus on controlling costs, managing employees and customer service.

How do you envision your MBA degree having an impact in healthcare delivery?

As healthcare delivery evolves we will be faced with new challenges. An MBA from HBS has taught me to think critically and act strategically. Hospitals need managers who can communicate with various stakeholders - from clinicians to operations. I think an MBA provides me with the ability to understand how to evaluate input from all stakeholders while simultaneously understanding how transitions and changes will positively or negatively impact the hospital as a whole.

Why would you recommend HBS for someone who wants to work in the healthcare industry?

HBS provides an opportunity for individuals to really explore the world of healthcare from many different angles. Although I worked in healthcare delivery, I didn't have a strong understanding of health insurance providers or the various players in the medical device industry. The first year of HBS has numerous cases dedicated to many different aspects of healthcare, as well as the opportunity to debate the impact of healthcare reform in the United States. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience.