The MBA Experience

Michael Chang, MBA 2012


Medical Devices

Industry Interest
Health Care VC, Entrepreneurship

How well do you think HBS has prepared you for the health care industry?

Products and services designed for the health care industry need to meet the oftentimes differing needs and priorities of health care's multiple stakeholders, while balancing issues that span clinical development, regulatory approval, and market commercialization. Therefore, leaders in healthcare really need to be able to effectively interface with all of these stakeholders while addressing cross-functional issues. As a program that truly emphasizes the integrative nature of management, HBS really provides its graduates with the skills to be able to effectively accomplish these tasks.

Given your previous experience in health care and a career goal of staying in this industry, what made you decide to pursue your MBA at HBS?

Given the complexity of the health care industry, I wanted to pursue an MBA to widen my horizons and explore other facets of the industry. Prior to HBS, the majority of my experience has been in the medical device sub-sector, and while I loved the work I was doing, I also realized that I lacked a full understanding of what insurers and provider systems were thinking. My experience at HBS has enabled me to fill some of these gaps while also helping me discover surprising parallels for thinking about strategic issues in health care, from case studies in industries as diverse as media to energy.

Why would you recommend HBS for someone who wants to work in the health care industry?

The Health Care Initiative and Health Care Club at HBS provide amazing resources and opportunities to meet and interact with leaders in the health care industry, whether as visitors in class, speakers and panelists, or small-group dinner guests. In addition, the greater Boston area is a great ecosystem for health care, with globally-renowned hospitals, leading research institutions conducting cutting-edge research, and a multitude of health care companies, all within reach.