The MBA Experience

Avaleigh Milne, MBA 2012

Kingston, Canada

Healthcare VC, Consulting

Industry Interest

What made you decide to go into your sector of interest?

I have always been fascinated by biology and medicine, and as I have explored different areas in this field wanted to build a career at the intersection of science and business. Working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies through consulting and venture capital prior to HBS drew me to the opportunity to have a broad impact bringing innovative therapies to patients.

What kind of leverage do you think having an MBA will give you in the healthcare industry?

Given the increasing complexity of today's healthcare industry, I think the skills gained from an MBA are as relevant as ever. Successfully developing and commercializing scientific innovation relies increasingly on improved business models, strategies and partnerships, and an MBA positions graduates to more effectively make an impact as companies face these challenges.

Why did you choose to come to HBS for healthcare even though it doesn't have a defined "healthcare program"?

HBS provides a valuable mix of general management education and healthcare-specific opportunities. I was drawn to the broad foundation the MBA at HBS provides, knowing that I could supplement it with industry-specific experiences. The opportunities to pursue healthcare at HBS are plentiful, from classes with great healthcare faculty and events through the very active healthcare club, to support from a strong alumni network in my areas of interest.