For Recruiters

Recruit at HBS

Companies benefit from hiring HBS graduates who not only are prepared to be leaders at any level, but also are comfortable in the team-based learning environment that mirrors today's business world. Our students are equipped with the tools to tackle critical business challenges—and have the insights and experience to navigate today's complex health care industry.

To ensure that your company has a wide selection of talent, consider listing internships, independent studies, and full-time jobs as early as possible.

Hire for a full-time position

HBS graduates have a strong desire to work in health care, are knowledgeable about the industry, and bring best practices from other industries.

Our students are recruited by a wide variety of health care organizations, including health care startups, venture capital firms, consulting firms, managed health plans, hospital systems, e-health firms, pharmaceutical firms, medical device manufacturers, and biotechnology companies.

Hire a summer intern

Summer internships are valuable for both employers and students as a "test run." Employers benefit most when their project is focused on a business issue that requires an outside perspective as well as strong analytic and strategic training. For students, the summer provides a rare opportunity to apply new skills and experience firsthand the rewards and challenges of the health care industry. Both parties have the benefit of testing cultural and organizational fit in a low-risk setting.

Host an independent study team

Independent studies are a great way for organizations to gain exposure to students. During the second year of the MBA program, HBS students earn academic credit while applying their skills to real-world corporate challenges. Under faculty supervision, each team of students works on a project of strategic importance to the hosting organization and reports its recommendations at the end of the term. Organizations that recently listed health care-related independent studies include emerging health care technology companies as well as established firms. In their independent studies, students analyze market opportunities for dental-imaging devices, medical tourism, and multiplex protein analysis techniques. They also evaluate IT strategies, develop business plans, and analyze production capabilities.

Independent studies are only relevant to students at the beginning of each term. Deadlines for organizations to post opportunities are usually August and November.