Faculty & Research

Faculty and the Business of Health Care

Harvard Business School faculty members have made notable contributions to the body of knowledge related to the business of health care, and their combined knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. Faculty research in health care is diverse and includes topics such as:

  • applying management principles and best practices to health care delivery
  • improving the process of innovation
  • employing the principles of strategy and consumer choice in health care
  • using information technology to expand access, decrease costs and improve quality
  • developing approaches to delivering high-impact health care in developing nations

Cutting-Edge Research

Emerging trends are constantly examined. Consulting, service on boards, and industry ties of all kinds serve to keep faculty close to practice. HBS research is marked by the extraordinary access faculty gain to companies in the U.S. and abroad. Faculty conduct research directly onsite, allowing firsthand observation and direct contact with the leaders who have faced concrete challenges and made decisions. This work yields unprecedented insights that benefit students and the industry at large.

HBS Publications, Cases, and Articles

HBS research has resulted in hundreds of publications, cases, and articles that are related to innovation in health care. These publications, along with health care faculty, can be found on the Health Care featured topic page.