An MBA for Aspiring Health Care Leaders

Today's urgent health care issues demand a new kind of leadership, one that applies the rigor of business management and an enthusiasm for innovation across all sectors of the industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, health care delivery, insurance, and public health.

  • “The second-year classes allowed me to delve deeper into health care and get to know several of the health care-focused faculty members.”

    Elena Avramov MBA 2013

  • “The combination of health care-specific courses and other more generally focused courses has provided a solid base for approaching the complicated issues involved in health care.”

    Martin Grasse MBA 2012

  • “The MBA degree is one of the few opportunities for me to combine my background in health policy, love of patient care, and passion for health systems improvement.”

    Azalea Kim MBA 2013, MD 2014

  • “I wanted to transition away from a finance career path to taking on an operational role in health care because I felt that I ultimately would be able to have a greater impact on patients and consumers at a health care company.”

    Joel Vidal-Phillips MBA 2012

  • 200 Health Care Student Club members

  • 45% Business Plan contest winners related to Health Care
  • 20% Faculty conducting health care research
  • 15% Top Fortune health care CEOs with an HBS MBA

Applying Great Ideas for More Effective Practices
True health care leadership integrates the best new ideas with proven business methods to achieve real value: high-quality care our society needs at costs we can afford. In this environment, great health care is as much a consequence of insightful management as intelligent medical practice. That's why HBS pursues the most innovative research at the intersection of business and health care, looking at traditional business pursuits in biotechnology and medical devices while also including superior practices in care delivery, insurance, and public health.


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