Enhancing Social Capital in Latin America

Since its formation, the Latin America Research Center (LARC) has worked to enhance intellectual capital creation by working with academics as well as business leaders in the region.

Programs in this area, supported by the LARC include:

The Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning (GloColl), is an HBS course for faculty at business schools in emerging economies who are trained in interactive methods of teaching and learning.

The Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN), a consortium of eleven business schools that research and develop teaching cases on social enterprise in leading Latin American business schools.

Executive Education
in Latin America

Latin America


Urgency and Betrayal: Three Attempts to Foster Private Investment in Argentina's Oil Industry

Wells, Louis T.
January 2009

No summary available.

Populism and Natural Resources edited by William Hogan and Federico Sturzenegger. Cambridge, Mass. (MIT Press, forthcoming)

Microfinance: Business, Profitability, and the Creation of Social Value

Book chapter in Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and Economic Value, edited by V. Kasturi Rangan, John A. Quelch, Gustavo Herrero, and Brooke Barton

Chu, Michael
September 2007

After thirty years of development, commercial microfinance in the developing world-the provision of financial services to low-income populations on a financially-sustainable basis-is an example with many lessons applicable to the study of business and the global poor. In recent years, there has been ample evidence, both in the literature and in capital markets, of the ability of leading microfinance institutions, particularly in Latin America and Asia, to generate superior economic returns. The issue is less clear in terms of the contribution successful microfinance makes to the reduction of global poverty. This paper seeks to address aspects of the creation of economic value and social value in microfinance, which the author believes contains insights applicable to all endeavors that seek to address the needs of the poor on a commercial basis.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2007

Rural Credit: Historical Discussions and Legislation in Argentina (El crédito rural: proyectos legislativos y discusiones contemporáneas 1899-1933)

Lluch, Andrea M.
August 2006

Book chapter in El Agro en cuestión. Discursos, políticas y corporaciones en la Argentina, 1870-2000

Buenos Aires: Prometeo, 2006

Legal Origin vs. the Politics of Creditor Rights: Bond Markets in Brazil, 1850-2002

Musacchio, Aldo
August 2006

Book chapter in The Politics of Financial Development, edited by Stephen Haber, Douglass C. North and Barry Weingast

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, forthcoming

Reflections on Leadership

Austin, James E.
March 2006

Book chapter in Liderazgo, Lideranca, Leadership

Testimonios personales, 71. Costa Rica: Publicado Por Viva, 2005