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  • April 2016
  • Case

InMobi: Reimagining Mobile Advertising

By: Sunil Gupta and Saloni Chaturvedi

InMobi, a mobile advertising company, considered one of India's first unicorns, has launched a new product called Miip. InMobi hopes that the product will grow its revenue 8 times by 2018. Visually identified by a mascot, Miip seeks to re-imagine adverting by becoming a user's trusted companion on the mobile phone, introducing them to new, relevant products, much as a friend would. As the CEO and co-founder Naveen Tewari introduces the product in China, he wonders if the product will be as successful as InMobi anticipates.

  • April 2016
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Flipkart: Transitioning to a Marketplace Model

In 2015, Sachin and Binny Bansal, co-founders of India's largest e-tailer, Flipkart, announced that the company would switch to a marketplace model and move its logistics arm into a separate company. At the time of the announcement, Snapdeal already claimed to be India's largest marketplace, and Amazon and other deep-pocket traditional retail giants like Reliance, Future Group, and Tata left no stone unturned to capture market share. Was Flipkart too late in switching to a marketplace model? Was such a move even desirable? Would it threaten Flipkart's competitive advantage of superior customer service?

  • March 2016 (Revised March 2016)
  • Case

Fair & Lovely vs. Dark Is Beautiful

By: Rohit Deshpande and Saloni Chaturvedi

Women of Worth (WOW) is an organization that seeks to empower women through training and workshops. The organization has also fought against discrimination based on the color of a person's skin through its “Dark is Beautiful” campaign—endorsed by well-known actor-director Nandita Das. However, despite the recent guidelines on advertising of skin-lightening products, many Indians still aspire to have fair skin. The sale of fairness creams continues to contribute to over 50% of the facial care market. Given this, what should WOW do to fight skin-color based discrimination?

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