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  • May 2016
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HBS Class Day Student Speaker

Brazilian HBS Alumna, Marcelle de Souza Goncalves Meira (MBA 2016) delivered a riveting speech during the HBS Class Day ceremony on Wednesday, May 25th.
  • October 2016
  • Alumni News

Why This Harvard Business School Graduate is Designing Tours of Cuba

HBS graduate, Chad Olin (MBA 2016), takes the road less traveled and starts Cuba based tour company, Cuba Candela. Chad's tour offerings fill a void where other tour companies have not ventured.

New Research on the Region

  • January 2017
  • Case

Expanding Ecommerce at Technos

By: Thales Teixeira, Rohit Deshpande, Ruth Costas and Priscilla Zogbi

Technos was the market leader in the Brazilian watch market. Its CEO had made a firm commitment of evolving the company’s marketing and commercial practices by focusing less on pushing product to retail clients and more on branding to end consumers to pull watches from retailers. In 2016, the company was about to re-launch its master brand’s website. But the more time passed, the greater were the discrepancies between what the marketing, commercial (sales) and retail divisions of the company envisioned as an ideal ecommerce-enabled Technos website. What should be the fundamental role(s) of our master brand’s website?

  • November 2016
  • Case


By: Frank V. Cespedes, Thomas R. Eisenmann, Maria Fernanda Miguel and Laura Urdapilleta

IguanaFix is a rapidly scaling Latin American startup that provides an online platform that connects consumers with home improvement contractors. The founders have acquired customers through both B2C and B2B methods. But in seeking to grow and scale the business, they now must make decisions about the relative emphasis on building their consumer brand or its B2B partnerships, and the implications for product offerings and marketing methods ranging from search engine marketing and Facebook ads to sales and account management.

  • September 2016 (Revised December 2016)
  • Case

LabCDMX: Experiment 50

By: Mitchell Weiss and Maria Fernanda Miguel

There were probably 30,000 public buses, minibuses, and vans in Mexico City. Though, in 2015, no one knew for certain since no comprehensive schedule existed. This was why el Laboratorio para la Ciudad (or LabCDMX) had spawned an effort to generate a map of the labyrinth system that provided an estimated 14 million rides a day. Gabriella Gómez-Mont, the Lab’s founder and director, had led her team in a project to crowd-source the routes from volunteer riders in what came to be known as Mapatón CDMX. After four pilots and a two-week “mapping marathon” later, she wondered exactly what to make of the lab’s fiftieth experiment? Was Mapatón successful?

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