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  • May 2016
  • Alumni News

HBS Class Day Student Speaker

Brazilian HBS Alumna, Marcelle de Souza Goncalves Meira (MBA 2016) delivered a riveting speech during the HBS Class Day ceremony on Wednesday, May 25th.
  • June 2016
  • Case Study

Case Study: On the Table (Should Gaia Design be a furniture company or a logistics one?)

This case study profiles Mexico-based online furniture company, Gaia Design founded by Philippe Cahuzac (MBA 2014).

New Research on the Region

  • February 2016
  • Case

Sorridents: Making Dental Care Accessible to All in Brazil

By: Michael Chu and Priscilla Zogbi

  • October 2015
  • Case


By: Jill Avery, Maria Fernanda Miguel and Laura Urdapilleta

Paez, an Argentine start-up fashion brand, sold traditional alpargatas, a sleepy shoe category that suddenly woke up when U.S. company TOMS borrowed the traditional alpargata design, covered it with fashionable colors and prints, and tied it to a social cause. Paez's founders were keenly aware of the present and future challenges they faced due to the resources and capabilities of their well-capitalized and marketing-savvy competitor. How could a small brand compete against a company that had captured the hearts and minds of consumers? Which brand positioning concept should Paez choose to best capture consumers' attention and interest and compete against TOMS? How would the choice of positioning affect the rollout of Paez' distribution strategy and its product line strategy?

  • September 2015
  • Case

El Sistema

By: Tarun Khanna, Maria Fernanda Miguel and Laura Urdapilleta

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