MBA Required Curriculum (1st Year)


The objective of this course is to help students develop the skills for formulating strategy. It provides an understanding of:

  • A firm's operative environment and how to sustain competitive advantage.
  • How to generate superior value for customers by designing the optimum configuration of the product mix and functional activities.
  • How to balance the opportunities and risks associated with dynamic and uncertain changes in industry attractiveness and competitive position.

Students learn to:

  • Develop a mastery of a body of analytical tools and the ability to take an integrative point of view.
  • Use these tools to perform in-depth analyses of industries and competitors, predict competitive behavior, and analyze how firms develop and sustain competitive advantage over time.

Particular attention is paid to competitive positioning; understanding comparative costs; and addressing issues such as cannibalization, network externalities, and globalization.

MBA Elective Curriculum (2nd Year)

Course Title Faculty Name Term Quarter Credits
Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Problems (University-wide Course) Tarun Khanna Fall 2016 Q1Q2 3.0
Corporate Strategy Raffaella Sadun, Kevin W. Sharer Fall 2016 Q1Q2 3.0
Designing Competitive Organizations (also listed under Accounting & Management and General Management) Robert Simons, Tatiana Sandino Spring 2017 Q3Q4 3.0
Field Course: Nonprofit Clinic; Tackling Inequality (also listed under General Management) Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Nien-he Hsieh Spring 2017 Q3Q4 3.0
IFC: Japan; Tohoku: The World's Test Market for Authentic Entrepreneurship Hirotaka Takeuchi January 2017 J 3.0
The Microeconomics of Competiveness: Firms, Clusters, and Economic Development (also listed under Business, Government & the International Economy) Laura Alfaro Spring 2017 Q3Q4 3.0
Reimagining Capitalism: Business and Big Problems (also listed under General Management ) Rebecca M. Henderson, George Serafeim Spring 2017 Q3Q4 3.0
Strategic IQ John R. Wells Spring 2017 Q3Q4 3.0
Strategy and Technology David B. Yoffie Fall 2016 Q1Q2 3.0
US Healthcare Strategy (also listed under General Management) Leemore S. Dafny Spring 2017 Q3 1.5