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  • David J. Collis: “Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?” (with Michael G. Rukstad, April 2008) was selected by the editors at Harvard Business Review for the 2013 HBR OnPoint issue entitled, “Turn Smart Strategy into Winning Performance,” due to the article’s timely relevance in today’s workplace.

  • David J. Collis: Elected a fellow of The International Academy of Management in 2013 in recognition of an outstanding international contribution to the science and art of management.

  • Raffaella Sadun: Named a Research Affiliate at the Center for Economic Policy Research in 2013.

  • Raffaella Sadun: Named Harvard Business School Richard Hodgson Fellow in 2013.

  • Juan Alcacer: Received the Meritorious Service Award from Management Science in 2013 for excellence in quality and timeliness of editorial work, in the role of Associate Editor.

  • David B. Yoffie: Elected 2013 Fellow of The International Academy of Management due to outstanding contribution to science and management.

  • Juan Alcacer: Awarded Best Paper at the DRUID 2013 Conference in Barcelona, Spain, for "Spatial Organization of Firms: Location Choices through the Value Chain" (with Mercedes Delgado).

  • Hirotaka Takeuchi: Selected as an AIB (Academy of International Business) Fellow in 2013 in recognition of contributions to the scholarly development of the field of international business.

  • David J. Collis: In 2012, Harvard Business Review ranked “Competing on Resources: Strategy in the 1990s” (with Cynthia Montgomery) as one of the top twenty-five most cited articles of all time.

  • Andrei Hagiu: Winner of the 2012 Association of Competition Economics Best Paper Award for "Why Do Intermediaries Divert Search?" (RAND Journal of Economics, 2011) with Bruno Jullien.

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