MBA Required Curriculum (1st Year)

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD)

This course focuses on how managers become effective leaders by addressing the human side of enterprise.

The first modules examine teams, individuals, and networks in the context of:

  • The determinants of group culture.
  • Managing the performance of individual subordinates.
  • Establishing productive relationships with peers and seniors over whom the manager has no formal authority.

The intermediate modules look at successful leaders in action to see how they:

  • Develop a vision of the future.
  • Align the organization behind that vision.
  • Motivate people to achieve the vision.
  • Design effective organizations and change them to achieve superior performance.

The final module introduces a model for strategic career management.

MBA Elective Curriculum (2nd Year)

Organizational Behavior
Course Title Faculty Name Term Quarter Credits
Authentic Leader Development Scott A. Snook

Nancy F. Koehn, David A. Thomas
Fall 2017

Spring 2018


Corporate Governance and Boards of Directors (also listed under General Management) Jay Lorsch, Lynn S. Paine, Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Immersive Field Course: Japan; Innovation through the Fusion of Digital and Analog (also listed under Strategy) Ethan S. Bernstein, Hirotaka Takeuchi January 2018 J 3.0
Leadership: Execution & Action Planning David G. Fubini, Ryan L. Raffaelli Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Managing Human Capital Ethan S. Bernstein, Paul McKinnon Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
People Analytics Jeffrey T. Polzer Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Power and Influence Julie Battilana Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0