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  • Ethan S. Bernstein: Won the 2010 Susan G. Cohen Doctoral Research Award in Organization Design, Effectiveness, and Change from the CEO (Center for Effective Organizations at the USC Marshall School of Business) and the Academy of Management's Organization Development and Change Division for his work, "Innovation Boundaries: Deconstructing Autonomy."

  • Scott A. Snook: Won a 2010 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence for an Outstanding Paper in Leadership & Organization Development Journal for "Big Five Personality Factors, Hardiness, and Social Judgment as Predictors of Leader Performance" with Paul T. Bartone, Jarle Eid, Bjorn Helge Johnsen, and Jon Christian Laberg (2009).

  • Michael L. Tushman: Won the 2010 Accenture Award with Charles O'Reilly and Bruce Harreld for the article "Organizational Ambidexterity: IBM and Emerging Business Opportunities" (California Management Review, summer 2009). The Accenture Award is given each year to the author (or authors) of the article published in the preceding volume of the California Management Review that has made the most important contribution to improving the practice of management.

  • Michael L. Tushman: Honored with the 2010 INFORMS Distinguished Lecture in Technology Management.

  • Julie Battilana: Selected by the French-American Foundation as one of 20 participants (10 French and 10 American) in the 2009 Young Leader program. The French-American Foundation is the principal non-governmental organization linking France and the United States at leadership levels and across the full range of the French-American relationship.

  • Roy Y.J. Chua: “Guanxi versus networking: Distinctive configurations of affect- and cognition-based trust in the networks of Chinese and American managers” with M.W. Morris and P. Ingram (Journal of International Business Studies, 2009) was selected as one of the top five articles in International Human Resources Management for 2009 by the International HRM Scholarly Achievement Award committee, Human Resources Division, Academy of Management.

  • Heidi K. Gardner: Selected as the Outstanding Reviewer for Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management in 2009.

  • Heidi K. Gardner: Won the 2009 Outstanding Practical Implications for Management Paper from the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management for “Feeling the Heat: The Effects of Performance Pressure on Teams’ Knowledge Use and Performance” (Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management, 2009).

  • Ranjay Gulati: Elected a fellow of the Strategic Management Society in 2009.

  • Jay W. Lorsch: Elected to Directorship magazine's Corporate Governance Hall of Fame in 2009. Hall of Fame members are a select number of exemplary individuals who have so uniquely contributed to the shape of modern corporate governance that they deserve special recognition.

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