MBA Required Curriculum (1st Year)


The objectives of this course are to demonstrate the role of marketing in the company; to explore the relationship of marketing to other functions; and to show how effective marketing builds on a thorough understanding of buyer behavior to create value for customers.

Students learn how to:

  • Make marketing decisions in the context of general management.
  • Control the elements of the marketing mix—product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing—to satisfy customer needs profitably.
  • Use this knowledge in a brand management simulation.

The course culminates in an examination of the evolution of marketing, particularly focusing on opportunities presented by the Internet.

MBA Elective Curriculum (2nd Year)

Course Title Faculty Name Term Quarter Credits
Agribusiness David E. Bell Winter 2015 Q4 1.5
Business at the Base of the Pyramid (also listed under Finance and General Management) V. Kasturi Rangan, Shawn A. Cole

Michael Chu
Fall 2014

Winter 2015


Business Marketing & Sales (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management) Frank V. Cespedes Fall 2014 Q1Q2 3.0
Consumers, Corporations and Public Health John A. Quelch Winter 2015 Q3 1.5
Design Thinking and Innovation (also listed under Accounting and Management and Entrepreneurial Management) Srikant M. Datar, Rajiv Lal Fall 2014 Q1Q2 3.0
Digital Marketing Strategy Thales S. Teixeira Fall 2014 Q1 1.5
Luxury Marketing Anat Keinan Winter 2015 Q3 1.5
Retailing Jose Alvarez Winter 2015 Q3Q4 3.0
Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries Anita Elberse Fall 2014 Q1Q2 3.0