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  • Anita Elberse: Received the 2014 Robert F. Greenhill Award for "exemplary work on behalf of the Harvard Business School and its mission."

  • Anita Elberse: Awarded Amazon’s "Best Books of 2013," Business and Investing category, for Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment (Henry Holt and Company).

  • Anita Elberse: Named a TriBeCa Disruptor Foundation Fellow.

  • Anita Elberse: Marketing Science article ("Demand and Supply Dynamics for Sequentially Released Products in International Markets: The Case of Motion Pictures," 2003, with Jehoshua Eliashberg) chosen as finalist for the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science "Long Term Impact Award," awarded annually to papers published in the last ten years that are viewed to have made a significant long run impact on the field of Marketing.

  • Anita Elberse: Received the 2012 Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence Award, for Harvard Business Review article ("Should You Invest in the Long Tail", 2008) as one of the top 50 articles with proven impact since its publication date from the top 300 management journals in the world.

  • Doug J. Chung: Member of the Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society.

  • John A. Deighton: Won a 2012 European Case Clearing House (ecch) Award in the Marketing category for his case "Dove: Evolution of a Brand" (HBS Case 508-047).

  • Doug J. Chung: Received a 2011 ISMS Doctoral Dissertation Award for “Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans” from the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science.

  • Doug J. Chung: Runner-up in 2011 for the Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Academy of Marketing Science.

  • John A. Deighton: Received the 2011 Edward N. Mayer Jr. Education Leadership Award from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF).

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