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  • Rosabeth M. Kanter: Rosabeth Moss Kanter was honored with the 2010 International Leadership Award from the Association of Leadership Professionals at their annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Laura Phillips Sawyer: Received the December 2008 Henry Belin du Pont Research Grant from the Hagley Museum and Library.

  • Rosabeth M. Kanter: Awarded an Honorary Doctoral degree by Aalborg University, Denmark, in November 2008.

  • Jill J. Avery: Winner of the Best Paper Award for papers presented at the 2008 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference on Gender, Marketing, and Consumer Behavior for the paper entitled "Defending the Markers of Hegemonic Masculinity: Consumer Resistance to Gender-Bending Brand Extensions."

  • Regina E. Herzlinger: Awarded honorary membership in the American College of Physician Executives in 2008 in recognition of her many contributions to the advancement of medical management.

  • Regina E. Herzlinger: Winner of the 2007 Pioneer in Health Economics Award from Consumers for Health Care Choices.

  • Laura Phillips Sawyer: Received the 2005-2008 Corcoran Department of History Graduate Fellowship from the University of Virginia.

  • Jill J. Avery: Won the 2006 Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research.

  • Alnoor Ebrahim: Winner of the 2005 Editors' Prize for Best Scholarly Paper in Nonprofit Management and Leadership for "Making Sense of Accountability: Conceptual Perspectives for Northern and Southern Nonprofits" (winter 2003).

  • Jill J. Avery: Nominated for the 2004 Joseph R. Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize for exceptional teaching of undergraduates at Harvard.

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