MBA Required Curriculum (1st Year)

Finance I

This course examines the role of finance in supporting the functional areas of a firm, and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions themselves can create value.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic analytical skills and principles of corporate finance.
  • Functions of modern capital markets and financial institutions.
  • Standard techniques of analysis, including capital budgeting, discounted cash flow valuation, and risk analysis.

Finance II

This course builds on the foundation developed in Finance I, focusing on three sets of managerial decisions:

  • How to evaluate complex investments.
  • How to set and execute financial policies within a firm.
  • How to integrate the many financial decisions faced by firms.

The Finance II course is divided into four blocks of material:

  • Advanced valuation—valuation of levered firms and projects.
  • Advanced valuations—options as a metaphor for flexibility.
  • Financial choices of firms—financing, distributing funds to shareholders, managing risk.
  • Integrated financial decisions, especially in the face of conflicts of interest and different legal/regulatory rules.

MBA Elective Curriculum (2nd Year)

Course Title Faculty Name Term Quarters Credits
Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure John D. Macomber Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Corporate Financial Operations C. Fritz Foley Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring Kristin Williams Mugford Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Entrepreneurial Finance (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management) Ramana Nanda, Robert White Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
Field Course: Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management) Richard S. Ruback, Royce Yudkoff Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Field Course: Field X (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management) Randolph Cohen Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
Field Course: Private Equity Projects and Ecosystems John Dionne Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Field Course: Projects in Investing Application Only Sara L. Fleiss Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Financial Management of Smaller Firms (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management)Richard S. Ruback, Royce Yudkoff Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
Immersive Field Course: Africa; Building Cities John Macomber January 2018 J 3.0
Immersive Field Course: Israel; Startups and Venture Capital Paul A. Gompers January 2018 J 3.0
Immersive Field Course: New York City;  Private Equity and Real Estate Arthur I Segel January 2018 J 3.0
Investing in Emerging Markets Sid Yog Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Investing for Impact Shawn A. Cole, Vikram S. Gandhi Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Investment Management for Professional and Personal Investors

Adi Sunderam, Luis M. Viceira

Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
Investment Strategies Malcolm P. Baker, Samuel G. Hanson Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Managing the Financial Firm David S. Scharfstein Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Mergers and Acquisitions Processes and Structures John C. Coates Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Private Equity Finance Victoria Ivashina Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0
Real Estate Private Equity Nori Gerardo Lietz Spring 2018 Q3Q4 3.0
Real Property

Roberto Charvel, Charles F. Wu

Fall 2017 Q1Q2 3.0