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  • Malcolm P. Baker: Nominated for the 2004 Brattle Prize for Outstanding Paper in Corporate Finance in the Journal of Finance for his paper with Jeffrey Wurgler. "A Catering Theory of Dividends." (June 2004).

  • Malcolm P. Baker: Received the 2004 Robert F. Greenhill Award.

  • Mihir A. Desai: Won the 2004 Barclays Global Investor Best Symposium Paper for his paper with Daniel Bergstresser and Joshua Rauh, “Managerial Opportunism and Earnings Manipulation: Evidence from Defined Benefit Pension Plans.”

  • Josh Lerner: Innovation and Its Discontents: How Our Broken Patent System Is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What To Do About It (Princeton University Press, 2004), with Adam Jaffe, was selected by The Economist as one of the Best Business and Economics Books of the Year.

  • Erik Stafford: Nominated in 2004 for the Brattle Prize for "Price Pressure Around Mergers" (with Mark Mitchell and Todd Pulvino, Journal of Finance, February 2004).

  • Luis M. Viceira: Winner of the 2004 Investment Potential Prize from the Three-Way Symposium of Inquire Europe, Inquire UK, and the Q-Group for "The Term Structure of the Risk-Return Tradeoff" (with John Y. Campbell, Financial Analysts Journal, January/February 2005).

  • Josh Lerner: Winner of the 2003 Western Finance Association’s NASDAQ Award for Best Paper on Capital Formation for "Transaction Structures in Developing Countries: The Case of Private Equity" (with Antoinette Schoar).

  • Benjamin C. Esty: Winner of the 2002 Best Paper Award at the Conference on International Corporate Governance for “Creditor Rights, Enforcement, and Debt Ownership Structure: Evidence from the Global Syndicated Loan Market” with William L. Megginson, sponsored by the Tuck Business School and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

  • Malcolm P. Baker: Winner of the 2002 Brattle Prize for Outstanding Paper in Corporate Finance in the Journal of Finance for "Market Timing and Capital Structure" (with Jeffrey Wurgler, February 2002).

  • Paul A. Gompers: Winner of the 2002 Geewax, Terker & Company Prize in Investment Research offered by the Rodney L. White Center at Wharton for "Corporate Governance and Equity Prices" (with Joy L. Ishii and Andrew Metrick, Quarterly Journal of Economics, February 2003).

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