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  • William R. Kerr: Awarded the 2011 Marvin Bower Fellowship to support research by outstanding scholars.

  • Matthew Rhodes-Kropf: Won the 2011 First Prize WHU (Otto Beisheim School of Management) Finance Award for the best paper presented at the 2012 Campus for Finance Research Conference for his paper with Marc Martos-Vila, “Waves of Financial Buyers vs. Strategic Buyers.”

  • William R. Kerr: Winner of the 2010-2011 H. Gregg Lewis Prize from the Journal of Labor Economics for his paper with William F. Lincoln “The Supply Side of Innovation: H-1B Visa Reforms and U.S. Ethnic Innovation” (July 2010).

  • G. Felda Hardymon: Received the 2010 Lifetime Achievement in Venture Capital Award from the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) in recognition of both his professional and academic work in the field.

  • J. Bruce Harreld: Won the 2010 Accenture Award with Charles O'Reilly and Mike Tushman for the article "Organizational Ambidexterity: IBM and Emerging Business Opportunities" (California Management Review, summer 2009). The Accenture Award is given each year to the author (or authors) of the article published in the preceding volume of the California Management Review that has made the most important contribution to improving the practice of management.

  • Josh Lerner: Elected a Fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute in 2010.

  • Josh Lerner: Winner of the 2010 Axiom Business Book Award Gold Medal for the Best Book on Entrepreneurship for Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed and What to Do About It (Princeton University Press, 2009).

  • Noam T. Wasserman: Noam Wasserman received the 2010 Academy of Management Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award for his course, Founders' Dilemmas.

  • Ramana Nanda: Awarded the 2009-2010 Kauffman Foundation Junior Faculty Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Research.

  • Mihir A. Desai: Runner up for the 2009 Review of Financial Studies-Michael Brennan Best Paper Prize for his paper with C. Fritz Foley and Kristen Forbes, "Financial Constraints and Growth: Multinational and Local Firm Responses to Currency Crises" (November 2008).

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