Business, Government and the International Economy


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  • Matthew C. Weinzierl: Review of Economic Studies Tour, 2008. Presented the paper "The Surprising Power of Age-Dependent Taxes,” published in the Review in October, 2011.

  • Lakshmi Iyer: Received the 2007-2008 Excellence in Refereeing Award from the American Economic Review.

  • Lakshmi Iyer: Winner of the Inaugural Michael Wallerstein Award in 2006 for Best Article from the Political Economy Section of the American Political Science Association for "History, Institutions and Economic Performance: the Legacy of Colonial Land Tenure Systems in India" (with Abhijit Banerjee, American Economic Review, September 2005).

  • David A. Moss: Received the 2005-2006 The Robert F. Greenhill Award.

  • Eric D. Werker: Awarded a Pre-doctoral Fellowship in the Economics of National Security from the National Bureau of Economic Research for 2004-2005.

  • Rawi E. Abdelal: Received the 2004 HBS Student Association Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Required Curriculum.

  • David A. Moss: Winner of the 2004 Kulp-Wright Book Award for When All Else Fails: Government as the Ultimate Risk Manager (Harvard University Press, 2002), presented by the American Risk and Insurance Association for the book considered to be the most influential text published on the economics of risk management and insurance.

  • Rawi E. Abdelal: Winner of the 2002 Marshall Shulman Prize for Outstanding Book on International Relations for National Purpose in the World Economy: Post-Soviet States in Comparative Perspective (Cornell University Press, 2001).

  • Rawi E. Abdelal: Received the 2002 Robert F. Greenhill Award.

  • Eric D. Werker: Awarded a Harvard Department of Economics Fellowship for 2000-2002.

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