MBA Required Curriculum (1st Year)

Financial Reporting and Control (FRC)

Recognizing that accounting is the primary channel for communicating information about the economics of a business, this course provides a broad view of how accounting contributes to an organization.

Students will gain:

  • An understanding of the concepts and language of accounting so it can be used as an effective tool for communication, monitoring, and resource allocation.
  • Mastery of the vocabulary of financial statements and accounting reports.
  • Familiarity with how modern accounting and control theory is used in evaluating economic conditions and making organizational decisions.

MBA Elective Curriculum (2nd Year)

Accounting and Management
Course Title Faculty Name Term Quarter Credits
Big Data and Critical Thinking (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management) Srikant M. Datar, Lutz Finger Fall 2015 Q2 1.5
Business Analysis and Valuation Using Financial Statements Ian D. Gow, Charles C.Y. Wang Spring 2016 Q3Q4 3.0
Designing Competitive Organizations (also listed under Strategy and General Management) Robert Simons, Tatiana Sandino Fall 2015 Q1Q2 3.0
Field Course: i-Lab Design Thinking Projects (also listed under Entrepreneurial Management) Srikant M. Datar Fall 2015 Q1Q2 3.0