Case Research and Writing Group

Established in November 1999, the Case Research & Writing Group (CRG) grew out of Harvard Business School’s commitment to increase the diversity, impact, and visibility of its international and domestic research efforts. CRG case researchers work closely with HBS faculty members, supporting the development of cases and other course materials including case supplements, abridgements, background notes, teaching notes, and multimedia products. Part of the Division of Research and Faculty Development, the CRG also supports other HBS departments, the HBS Global Initiative and its off-campus centers, and provides RA training services. 


CRG case researchers have contributed to over 1,900 projects across all the HBS academic units. Field cases (which involve interviews at the host organization) account for nearly one third of these products. Library cases, supplements, rewrites, revisions, abridged cases, teaching notes and teaching plans, and multimedia supplements make up the balance. 

Team Overview

The CRG team currently has 15 members. While all CRG case researchers are generalists, covering all HBS intellectual disciplines, they come from diverse industry backgrounds. Prior to joining the CRG, case researchers have had successful careers in finance, engineering, education, international development, academia, consulting, politics, journalism, green real estate, and policy. CRG case researchers have a combined 100+ years of case writing experience, some of it at other academic institutions. Members of the CRG hold diverse academic credentials. Five case researchers hold BAs, four hold MBAs, four hold MAs (History, Government, Law & Diplomacy, International Administration), and two hold PhDs. Undergraduate concentrations include art history, East Asian studies, electrical engineering, finance, government, history, political science, public policy, and sociology. Additionally, members of the CRG are fluent in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish and have considerable experience living and working overseas. The professional and academic background of CRG case researchers allows us to take on diverse projects internationally and domestically. Carin Knoop heads the CRG (

Our Work

Working as a case researcher at the CRG is exciting and challenging. We visit companies all over the world, drawing on interviews with organizational leaders, data, field observations, and published sources to create educational and effective classroom cases. The group also writes background, industry, and teaching notes and contributes to many other types of course material. Unlike HBS RAs who are dedicated to one or a group of faculty members, CRG case researchers are paired with faculty members on an individual project basis and typically work simultaneously with multiple HBS faculty supporting the diverse intellectual disciplines at HBS. More information about working at HBS and the RA experience is available. ​

While challenging, the opportunity to contribute to the intellectual capital of HBS is greatly rewarding. Additionally, case researchers are encouraged to take part in the broad range of activities at HBS and the greater Harvard community.

CRG case researchers have the following qualities:

·        Ability to develop and write HBS cases (in support of faculty) on a variety of business subjects, usually in print, though sometimes in media such as web-based video. In addition to writing text, case researchers also produce charts, graphs, and tables as appropriate.

·        Strong writing and academic research skills, as well as excellent analytical, communications, and interviewing skills.

·        Understanding of current management and business issues.

·        Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to multitask, focus, and write quickly and effectively.

·        Desire to work collaboratively and independently at the highest level of academic rigor while establishing strong working relationships and taking direction from one or more project leaders.

·        Comfort in both academic and business settings, and with interviewing top corporate executives.

·        Proven business writing and case writing experience.

·        Language fluency, regional familiarity, or sector expertise.

·        Knowledge of HBS structure, systems, and processes.